Welcome to the Visikol HISTO Protocol Builder

This tool helps simplify the process of choosing the right Visikol® HISTO™ protocol that's specifically adapted to your tissue type and target. You'll also see customized tips specific to your sample and imaging setup, to help you get the most out of Visikol HISTO.

Please take a look at the example protocols below to get an idea of how the Visikol HISTO process works, or if you're ready, you can jump right into building your own custom protocol.

Example Protocols

Mouse Brain

Parvalbumin-tdTomato transgenic whole mouse brain.

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Rat Brain

Parvalbumin-immunolabeled 1 mm Rat Brain Section

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NCI2170 Lung Cancer Organoid with Ki67 Cell Proliferation Labeling

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Mammary Tissue

Mammary tumor from PyMT transfected mouse with Ki67 Cell Proliferation Labeling

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